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WK&T, Graves County increase access to fiber optic internet in the county

GRAVES COUNTY, KY — WK&T and Graves County have reached an agreement that will increase access to fiber optic internet for many residents in the county. 

WK&T says the company will begin construction on a fiber network that will pass about 4,000 locations in Graves County. The agreement also sets up 10 public Wi-Fi hotspots at agreed locations in the county for public access. 

WK&T Chief Executive Officer Trevor Bonnstetter called the agreement a great opportunity for Graves County residents as well as the Cooperative.

“This agreement means that the residents of Graves County are one step closer to having access to the fastest, most reliable internet technology available,” Bonnstetter says. “This technology improves the daily lives of our members by opening up a whole new world of opportunities in entertainment, health care, education and so much more.”

WK&T says residents who sign up for the fiber broadband can choose speeds beginning at 100 Mbps up to a gigabit per second. Engineering crews will begin designing the fiber network immediately, although, WK&T says it may take up to 24 months for the project to be completed. 
For more information, visit or call 877-954-8748.

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