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Building #200

A 13,000 sq. ft commercial office building which features a large classroom setting or meeting space, 35 offices, an IT center, break room, a large executive office and records storage.

The space provided within this building is enough for large speaking events, company retreats or training sessions and much more. There is also an on-site call center.

The goal and intention for Building # 200 is to provide a space for innovators, creators and entrepreneurs to come together and work in an environment that promotes innovation, creativity and growth. The vision provides a scenario where start- up companies can work and learn alongside technology giants. Anything is possible with Building #200. The spacious building is the perfect space for multiple companies to occupy the grounds and work toward securing a future in the technology industry for all companies to flourish. This beautiful space is also enhanced by leading technology operated through West Kentucky and Tennessee Telecommunication Cooperative and includes Gigabit fiber with three-way redundancy.